Daisy Ginger - A Roe V. Wade Short Story

Daisy Ginger, that’s my name
Outrunning danger to chase my fame
Everything’s bigger in Texas you see
Austin was the answer for where I felt free
But as soon as I saw that plus sign
I knew that I couldn’t let this baby be mine
An addition left to me 
By a man who only knew how to subtract
I know what I have to do
But I’m just not ready to do it today
How am I supposed to water a seed
If I am barely capable of watering myself?
How do I allow someone to grow inside of me
When I am stuck inside of self destruction? 
I drink to numb the totality of my trauma
I drown my demons to avoid the despair of assault assault and
My pain is so fucking heavy, I don’t know how to float
I try to navigate the waters but there’s a hole in my boat
and in my heart
My life is chaos
I am so lost 
I’m trying to find self control
But this life tests me and there’s always a toll
For my sunny disposition and wide eyed wonder
Now I’m left to deal with the lightning and thunder 
From the storm that conceived a fetus of abuse
I was just a toy that he used to amuse 
Himself for a time
And now he’s off the hook for his crime 
I’m left to the dreadful decision of parent or not
Until it was made for me by more men in suits who haven’t given me a single or second thought
So here’s the new formula of this female
Plus one 
Minus my rights
Multiplied by judgment 
Divided by guilt
Land of the free?
Not anymore for me

Poem written by Sol Steaze

DP - Eli Samuel
Insta - @elisamuelphoto
Actress -
Sol Steaze
Insta - @solsmilesalot
Wardrobe -
Infinite Mystics Boutique
Insta - @infinitemystics_
Makeup -
Alexandria Nichole
Insta - @alexandrianichole.mua