Sony A7RII Camera Rolling Review - Insights from Shitty Fashion Photographer, Eli Samuel.

PART TWO (22nd of AUGUST, 07):

I want to update this review on my current progress with shooting with the Sony A7Rii. I have found an incredible resource correcting Sony biggest problem with video in comparison with a company like Canon in relation to colour.  

I am not going to repeat the obvious and argue why the colour is more pleasing in other systems, there is a lot of other better blogs out there and it can be subjective. This is about practically, a pro doesn’t care about silly details. All that matters is this will save you time in grading. This colour profile near perfect. The best part is that this is $15, just buy it and set it then forget that Sony’s reds and greens look like crayons. Lol. One note I want to add, I have read from people it doesn’t work as well in daylight. I believe this is because you’re using auto white balance and not changing the colour profile properly. Read the PDF they provide to the letter, you will get good results.

Here are the links below:  

EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras including a7S II, a7R II and a6300.   

CREDIT: Video below is from EOSHD.

Here is some example of some of my latest stuff with this picture profiles enabled, it also works on images as well! FYI.

PART ONE (JULY, 11th, 2017):

I just upgraded to the Sony A7rii and here are my thoughts. I replaced the Sony A7ii and the Sony A7S with the A7Rii and A7R. I will update this post as I go with my insights. 

A couple of years ago I used to shoot Canon, my last bodies were the 5D Mark iii and the 6D. My opinion is that this was a period in the industry that marked a standard of image quality that does not need to improve for most practical purposes.

“A standard of image quality that does not need to improve for most practical purposes.”

A bold statement but give me a moment to explain, 5D/6D provided clean ISO output up to 3200 and a decent megapixel count. You do not need more. So why upgrade? 

I will focus on three areas to start this rolling review. Mirrorless practicality, video performance, and image quality. Let’s get into it.

Mirrorless Practicality: 

The EVF (electronic viewfinder) has helped me become a better photographer. I can focus on framing and composition alone. My attention is purely set on achieving this and directing my model or subject we have enough to think about when we are shooting. 

Video Performance: 

Canon you should have listened to us, for goodness sakes we used to have the platinum membership. We shoot professionally and have done for over 10 plus years. What does that say? We cancelled because you were utterly incapable of managing your own future, Canon. 

Can you tell I am mad?  

Canon often relegates pro features to pro $10,000+ bodies where Sony has consistently offered features like S-Log and/or 4K in even its consumer bodies. This is unacceptable Canon. 

Enough of my rant, here is the first part of a campaign that we are shooting for Studio Pilates.

This is shot with the Sony A7S and the ATMOS FLAME

This combination produces great results. Comment below with your thoughts!

Image Quality:

The image quality is exceptional, there is enough on the internet about this. I am going to avoid the obvious and focus on what makes this body great for me.

A feature called Eye AF, the A7Rii tracks the eye of my subject across the frame and lets me get on with shooting. The hit rate has been 95% plus, far better than the older Sony A7ii and forget the Canons.

“This is not even in the same world as other cameras and makes it a joy to shoot with.”

Most pros, myself included use just one focus point, lock it and recompose. With the R, I set up custom control over the point and put it somewhere near the face and it just locks. It does an amazing job especially if you have a modelling light switched on, on your strobes. 

“It is bloody good. Watching it lock on to the model’s eyeballs around the frame is a thing to behold.”

Hope this helps fellas and chicks. 


Keep Shooting beautiful people! 

Yours creatively always, 

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