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Up, North, Level

Up, North, Level

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Limited Edition: 7 + 2 AP

PhotographyDigital, Color, Photo, Paper, Manipulated on Paper.

Paper: FineArt Baryta - Hahnemühle, 325 gsm



Up, North, Level

Rest in peace, Stephen Wayne Nichol.

This moment in time was captured by the artist upon the news of his father, a philanthropist, passing away after a brutal five year battle with early-onset dementia in 2019. The artist produced his response with this series tribute to his father. Found within this series are themes illustrating death and life. 

This abstract view of the beachfront around Bondi Sydney in Australia is part of Eli Samuel's "Up, North, Level" collection where life was photographed during the grief of death. Critics have remarked that the bokeh could be interpreted as a representative of the five children he fathered. 

Up - Father championed the best parts of humanity.

North - Father looked and guided others in the right direction.

Level - Father south to live life the right way. 



Print exudes exquisite detail, photographed with a Phase One iQ3 100MP.


Sizing & Authenticity:

The piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity and is hand-signed and numbered by the Artist. 

Sizes listed are the measurement in centimeters of actual artwork image. Each at work includes an extra 5 cm white border for signature in the bottom right-hand corner and addition number in the bottom left-hand corner. Please note because of the white or the actual paper size will have an additional 10 m on both the width and the height of your chosen size. From the placement of order please allow up to 3 business days for printing, 1 to 3 business days for domestic shipping and 6 to 10 days for shipping internationally from Australia.



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