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Commercial / Advertising Production

$350.00 USD

We pride ourselves on building brands with our clients. 

We seek out long-term relationships and partnerships because we want to see you flourish and thrive. 

If you are seeking a one-off shoot, we aren't your ideal match. Based on past experiences, you'll be impressed with the excellent imagery and before you know it, we will be shooting together again. 

This package is designed for accurate per-hour coverage, which is calculated from setup through pack down (not just shooting time). This package covers photography and basic videography services if you need me for dedicated Director of Photography work click here. The per-hour pricing includes coverage time for the lead shooter Eli Samuel, not the crew, rental, equipment, or image usage rights.

Please feel free to share your brief with us, if you have it on hand. We would also be happy to support your pre-production needs at an additional cost, to book a time to chat details click the 'schedule time with me' button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

PRODUCTION - $250 per hour 

- Per Hours of Coverage 

- Image Handling (Balancing / Grade)

- High Resolution and Web Resolution Proofs (RAW footage is usually backed up to the client drive as well)

- Digital Proofing Selection / Gallery

- Digital Storage backup for 30 days 


- Round trips up to 50 km / 25 miles from our studio locations are included

- Distances over 50 KMs attract a fee of $0.85 per KM (Australian Studio)

- Distances over 25 miles attract a fee of $0.85 per mile (USA Studio)


- Canon EOS R5

- 45MP full-frame CMOS 36 x 24mm (8192 x 5464)

- L Series Lens

- Suitable for E-Commerce, Branding, and Social

PREMIUM CAMERA (Paid add-on) - $500 FULL DAY

- Phase One XF IQ3 Digital Back 

- Full Frame Medium Format. 2.5x the size of a 35mm sensor

- 101 effective Megapixels (11608 x 8708)

- 'What the world's best photography is made of'

- Ultimate image quality is combined with ultimate creative freedom, to create masterpiece imagery for your brand.



- This service is designed for hero images, banners, billboards, or print. 

- Per image rate

- Web optimisation included.


- This service is designed for social media or Ecommerce 

- Per image rate

- Overseas retoucher

- Web optimisation included

VIDEO EDITING - $75 per hour (Click here)

- Professional Colourist (grading)

- Web export customisation and optimisation included

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