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Digital Tech for Onset Productions

$850.00 USD

Meet Austin's second-best Digi tech. Haha, that title goes to Taylor of Texas Grip. 

Hello! My name is Eli Samuel and I have been in the industry for about 15 years, working on both large and small sets across the industry. Recently I have worked for clients such as HBO, IBM, Louis Vuitton, Sherri Hill, and Country Road, this list goes on and on. 

A digital technician or a 'Digi Tech' as we call it in the industry, is an integral part of the professional workflow. If you are a photographer or creative director, and you need someone to seamlessly work with your client to achieve your production goals, look no further, I am your person. Simply put, a Digi tech's role is to apply a grade on the images, quality control what is being shot and back up the footage to multiple drives all while interfacing and showcasing the footage to the client. 

Excited? Awesome, below are the inclusions of having me on set for your production. I look forward to working with you and your team. 

Service features and options:

- MacBook Pro 2021 w/ M1 Max + 64GB RAM with INOVATIV Pro DigiTech desk + Tripod + Battery + Digital Backup/Storage

- Real-Time onset backup to multiple drives to diversify risk during and at the end of the shoot day

- File naming conventions will be seamlessly applied to your files as per client requirements

- We have options for additional equipment/lighting rentals listed in the drop-down box

- Please note that all services and rentals listed in the drop-down box are a per day (8-hour) rate

- Also I would like to mention that I am a delight to have onset if I don't say so myself :) I have many references and people know me well in the industry. I am happy to point you to any number of people and companies that have worked with me in the past if you are so inclined