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What is it and How does it work?

This is a great way to have a working pro from the Austin production industry at your event. 

This is a free service in which patrons can access their images via a online gallery with a watermark on their images. 

If a guest chooses to donate any amount they will be sent a private gallery with the full resolution images without a watermark to do with as they please.

These images are shot in a high fashion, avant-garde style that is unique and beautiful.

Not a bad deal right? 

Check out the gallery below to see what these images look like. 

Check out our gallery of images from our events

Wait there is more. Not simply just a photo booth.

In addition to the photography experience patrons can purchase my artwork at your event if this works for your event type. 

If your event has a theme, I will often create one of pieces tailored to your event theme and curate the collection to be sold at the event.